That’s right. My last long run is in the bag. 20 solid miles at an 8:59 pace. It turned out to be my fastest 20 mile run ever. So, I guess I’m improving? Can I also add bonus marks for doing speedwork the day before (deliberate choice – I sorted of wanted tired-ish legs), and running ALONE WITH NO MUSIC for all 20 miles? I even tempoed the last 5 miles, but that was rough, and I didn’t really enjoy that part at all. Once I was finished, I had a total runners high and far too much excitement to get an effective nap in. This proceeded to ruin the rest of the weekend. Running is stupid.


I did try out a couple of new mid-run snacks. (I’m sorry, I kind of hate the word “fuel” when it relates to running. It’s food. Fuel is what goes into cars and planes). I completely broke up the run into 5 mile increments, and at the end of every 5 miles, I would get a sugary treat. Yes, this is a healthy approach to running. Anyway, the first new snack I tried was the Powerbar Energy Blasts in Strawberry Banana. I have lots of Power Bar Gels in my “bag of free running food I’ve picked up at Expos that I might eat during the apocalypse, but most likely not before”. I think they’re disgusting – the consistency is all wrong. However, the Energy Blasts are totally delicious in a Haribo kind of way, and are likely to become my favorite running food. Even though I’ve stuck with gels throughout my previous races, I think I’m going to switch to these for Wineglass.

The second energy-laden sugar high I tried was the new Salted Caramel Gu flavor. Hmmmmmm. The jury is out on this one. I found it impossible sweet to try and take in, but really liked the additional sodium, and the fact it played nicely with my stomach. It really was quite hard to choke down. I think that if I had taken earlier in my race I would have done better, but the last food stop is always hard for me to get anything down.

Weird but true: instead of fantasizing about the post-run carb fest I would have, I actually ended up focusing on what I was going to wear as my post run recovery wear. Intense debate for multiple miles on whether I should wear snuggling warm leggings or shorts and compression socks. Oh, and which hoodie to match all this with. Weird things that your brain does while running, but I love that getting warm and cozy are now part of recovery rather than continuing to sweat in the 90% humidity.

The next two weeks are about taper. My taper plans still involves a fair amount of running this week, and 13 miles on Saturday. Anyone want to run a half marathon with me?

I haven’t written in over a month. Since starting at an awesome new client, I’ve been a little overwhelmed, but really, that’s an excuse. I haven’t blogged because I have felt so unmotivated and that all my runs have sucked, so why would I want to relive the misery of each run by writing about it afterwards?

August was my highest ever mileage month (137 miles is high for me.) I felt it badly. I had crappy long runs, failed tempo runs, and my easy run pace was dropping, not getting faster.Does anyone want to hear about that? Actually, maybe they do. In an internet where everyone shows their best face and every run is #OMGBESTRUNEVA #CRUSHEDTHOSEINTERVALS #MADETHOSEHILLSMYBIATCH, sinking into your own personal running black hole is even more demoralizing. I’m sure that if I sucked it up, put my big girl pants on, and got excited for the hurt that marathon training is, I would be in a better place. But, my head hasn’t been in it. And my body is tired. All. The. Time.

By body is tired because instead of doing a standard 16 week training program for Wineglass, I’m hammering all my training into 12 weeks. Do you know what gives when you smoosch all your training together? Cutback weeks. I hadn’t had one in 11 weeks of training. Summer has just felt like one long run after another, in the heat. Slow, trudgy miles. Miles that were usually a minute slower than my easy runs during the spring. While I love the summer, and do enjoy the sweat-drenching high of  hot summer run, I hate the mind games that the heat plays with you – do I suck, or is it the heat? Can I ease up on this interval because it’s already so hot out, or do I need to push through? I’m only running a 9:30 now, but does that mean come October when it’s 50 degrees, I run 8:45? With spring training, you know where you are. Am I hitting the paces? Yes or no.


So yes, my head has been a bit of a train wreck this cycle. That doesn’t mean that it’s been all bad. I’ve had some of the best interval sessions of my life; I’ve been hitting 800s at a 6:xx pace, which is something I never thought I would see in my life; I’ve had some very social long runs, met new people, become even better friends with other runners, and, more than ever, stuck to a training plan more closely than I ever have before. Most importantly perhaps (though not definitely – the jury is still out on this one), I’m simply running a lot more. Most training cycles I have averaged about 25-30 miles, and this one is closer to being consistently at 35-40. On the flip side, most other training cycles I’ve done some sort of crazy endurance event (a Ragnar, another marathon), and that has given me endurance confidence; in this training cycle my endurance is what I feel freaked out about. I have one last twenty to run tomorrow morning, and then that’s it – I’m done! I’m hoping for a good one to close my training on a high, and settle in for the taper crazies.

This has been a major vent post. Now that I’ve let that all out, I’m hoping to let to good vibes in. What does anyone else do when they feel their training cycle has not gone well?

Another week, another beasty interval workout. When I first read the following workout in my plan, I nearly broke out in cold sweats as it looked so brutal.

Warm Up

1M at HMP

3 x 800 at 5k

1M at HMP


Is there anything worse than your intervals getting longer during a workout? Mentally, that’s just so HARD. Not even just mentally. Every way, this workout was sure to chew me up and spit me out. Last week’s 400s were a delicious amouse-bouche compared to this. Ouch. I was ready to suffer.

I did have the weather in my favor. We are having an unseasonably cool spell in NYC, so when I left the apartment yesterday it was 77%, 41% humidity. Just about perfect for some summer evening running then.

Here are my thoughts during this one:

Warm up: staycalmstaycalmstaycalmdontspeedupslowdownstaycalm My heartrate rose steadily and topped out at around 145, which if I had done any scientific research into my heart rate and zones and all that, I could tell you something insightful. Instead, ummmm, not too bad, but it was a slow warm up.

(warm up pace: around 9:45 ish)

Mile 1: What pace should I run? What pace am I running? Too fast? Definitely faster than half marathon? But feels ok? Could I run this for an hour? No way. But another 0.74 miles will be ok. Halfway done. This is taking a long time. Just keep going. There is no way I could keep this pace for 2 miles, never mind 13.1. Surely I’m nearly done? My heart is pounding. Justkeeprunnngjustkeeprunningjustkeeprunning ohthankgodthatsover

Pace: 7:42, HR: 167

Three minute walking break. Caught my breath. Stressed a little about not even being half way through the workout. Brought my heart rate down to 133.

800 #1: Running so fast! Just 3.5 mins of this! Keep going! Keep going! Just one more of these and we’re half way! Keep pushing. Catch that guy! Catch that girl! So thirsty! Keep running! And stop!

Pace: 6:58, HR: 166

800 #2: Oh this feels really bad! Why are my legs so tired? Keep going legs! Running through treacle here. Breathing so hard I must be scaring people on their citibikes. This is so much slower than the last one. Why am I still running? When will the lady tell me to stop? This is only supposed to be 3.5 mins! Oh thank god.

Pace: 7:16, HR: 166

800 #3: Last one! Don’t think about that mile afterwards. Just keep running. Run faster. Run faster. Run! Run! I wonder if I am getting any better? How do I know if I’m improving? I can’t compare this to anything. I’m running too fast. This isn’t 5k speed. Must negative split. I want to stop now. Please let me stop.

Pace: 6:58, HR: 167

Mile #2

Oh crap I have to run a whole mile. A whole mile. 8 minutes of this. My legs are tired. I sound like a walrus. I hate this. I hate this. Just 0.75 miles until I don’t have to run anymore. Keep moving your legs. Am I running faster or slower than before? Soon I can stop running. I want to stop now. Born to Run is playing – it’s a sign! Keep running. Keep running. Only 800m left to go. 800m is a long way! The 800s I ran were hard! Only 400 to go. This 400 is taking forever. I sound like a walrus in labor. I probably look like a crazy person. I hate all these people on bikes. I’m done!!!!!

Pace: 7:27, HR 170

There are certain things that I feel good about in this workout:

1. I didn’t quit

2. I didn’t even really think about quitting

3. A year ago I would not have ever seen a 6:xx as my 800 pace. Ok, so I only did 3 of them, but I also ran 2 miles, which is sorta the equivalent of another 4….

4. I negative split!

5. The 3 minutes of recovery consistently got me back to a “recovered” place – 130bpm within 3 mins.

The not so good:

1. I ran it too fast

2. Was I in control?

3. Why was I scared?

Every done a workout that scared the bejesus out of you? What happened?

I have never been a gymnastic type. I was never one for somersaults or cartwheels or handstands. I spent my youth smacking fuzzy yellow balls inside a white rectangle. Bu if you go to enough yoga classes, eventually you are going to have to do an inversion. I’ve never managed to get into headstand or handstand, so when I saw a handstand workshop at Pure that was being run by Matt Giordano, who I’ve taken a couple of classes with before, I signed up. And knowing that really you need at least two people to handstand with, I made Steph sign up as well.


Picture of Matt courtesy of his website

The workshop started with some singing and group love circle stuff. Yeaaahhhhh…. so not my thing. Then we did a quick and exceedingly brutal flow to get us ready for handstand. I was dying only 10 minutes into class. This was not going to be a walk in the park. Then we got into some partner and group work exercises to get us set up into handstand.

The first one was all about fingertips. I totally sucked at this one, probably because I tried to push up using only my fingertips, and letting the rest of my body be a wet dishrag. Anyway, bygones… We did one for keeping our legs together (I rocked at that!), and a partner downward dog exercise that was a challenge for me because my hamstrings are cranky at the best of times, and having them stretch out while balancing my feet one someone’s back was just going to be trouble. And then we got into handstand time!

We worked in groups of three – handstander, hip-grabber, and leg-flipper. No, those are not the technical terms that Matt suggested. Each time we would work on different elements of the handstand, including kicking up, adjusting, and controlled falling (cartwheel). We got plenty of hands-on attention from the various instructors in the room, as well as support from our little groups.

I remember going up and feeling a sharp pain in my left elbow. After lots of careful cross-examining of my arms and shoulders, apparently I am manifesting fear in my elbow. That’s right: my body knows when I’m scared, even when I’m not willing to admit it to myself. Don’t you hate it when yoga uncovers your truths for you!?

However, knowing that there wasn’t anything structurally wrong with my handstanding, I made sure to keep trying. Knowing that you were in a safe supported place with people catching your hips and holding you up was crucial, because I’ve had such little experience with being inverted that it just plain feels weird. Regular yoga people – does it ever stop feeling weird?

The whole class was based on free-standing handstands, with no wall support. Of course, not all of us have two other people just sitting around ready to support our inversion endeavors, so we were given one exercise to use a wall to develop our handstands, without using the wall as a crutch, so I’m going to try and incorporate it during the odd free moment around the house. I’m sure the dog will be thrilled!


Photograph from Athleta, and a full article on this pose is available here


Even though it was extremely scary, I had a great time in the class. Matt is a great teacher, and one who is very good at talking through the journey of a pose. The workshop had multiple different levels of abilities attending, and lots of people coming back for their second or third time. I will definitely be back over the coming months to get over my fear and develop my skills. Because let’s face it, handstands look pretty cool!

This week was so much better than last week’s strugglebus of a training week, and I am 184% convinced it’s because I ran with friends. It’s hard to concentrate on your rhino-breathing when you are chatting away.

Week 7/29 to 8/4

Monday: Rest. Success

Tuesday: I actually did my planned speed workout on the right day! 8x400s – this is so much more fun than 8x800s! I averaged a 6:55 pace for the 400s, but no negative splitting. The humidity was down, which helped a lot. 400s are a lot of fun because they last less than 2 minutes, so by the time you start hurting you are already more than halfway done. Of course, the effort expended is pretty high, so time seems to slow down or stop for the last 20 seconds. The best part of this run was finishing it at the Boat Basin with the husband and the dog. Well-earned beer recovery!

Wednesday: Unplanned rest day. Had to run around going to Tiffany and places for work.

Thursday: Easy miles – 4.36 run in 42:43, or a 9:48 pace. Yes, this is slow, but it was all negative splitting – from 10:34 down to 8:59 for the last mile. Mornings are a tough wakeup for me.

Friday: Hungover. Slept through miles with Jen and then met Ashley for lunchtime miles instead. We had some hot and chatty miles through the park where I seemed to run Cat Hill more times than was strictly necessary. 4.17miles in 39 mines, or 9:28 pace. Was having an easy afternoon at work so snuck in a 15 minutes Nike Training Club Sculpted Arms workout. Was left lying in a sweaty heap on my floor at the end, and was completely unable to complete at least one of the exercises. Ouch.


Saturday: Long run on Summer Streets with Theodora, Shaya, Steph, and Loren. So much fun, even if it did rain for the first 5 miles. Running with friends is by far the best way to get through a long run. I barely noticed the mileage ticking over as we chatting our way through the streets. Ended up a little short on mileage, and unlike Theodora who actually completed her miles, I instead had half a cookie from Levain before heading to Jacob’s Pickles for an amazing brunch. I mean, the bloody mary was practically a meal in itself!

Headed to some blissful hot yoga on Saturday afternoon. Truly enjoyed the inward sensation that yoga forces – for all the running and the attempts at buffing my arms up, yoga is the only time that I am truly focused on how my body feels. Yoga is the time that the discrepancies, asymmetries, and aches and pains come out to play. I love feeling the progression of the stretches throughout the practice  – what feels tight and uncomfortable at the start of class (downward dog!) warms and becomes open by the end.


Sunday: Hiking! Headed to Harriman State Park with Ori, Zach, Katie, and Steph. Highly eventful hike to the Lemon Squeezer and beyond involving Moose falling into the Lake, seeing multiple deer, getting lost, seeing a snake digesting something mouse-sized, and then getting both iced tea and coffee from Dunkin on the way home. Total mileage: about 7, of which at least 2 were in the wrong direction.


When I got home I also snuck in a 30 minute Get Toned Nike Training Club workout. This one didn’t quite kill me – maybe I’m progressing?


Strength: x2

Yoga: x1

Miles: 26.2

Week 8/5 to 8/11

Monday: Run / Yoga

Tuesday: Speedwork

Wednesday: Strength

Thursday: Yoga / Run

Friday: Run

Saturday: Run plus Yoga

Sunday: Strength / Yoga

How is training going this summer? Maybe you are having a glorious train-free summer?!

Last week felt rough for training. I didn’t have a single “good” run. I cannot decide whether analyzing my bad runs helps, or whether I should just move on. Sometimes, it just does not feel good, right?

I am sure part of it was travelling last week, but my body never felt strong and each of the workouts felt like a slog. I also didn’t get to do all those “bust my ass make my body strong” workouts I thought I was going to get to. I feel like all of last week as a bit of a bust, and I’m crying out for a do-over.

Week 7/22 to 7/29

Monday: Supposed to do strength workout. Nooooo. Ran instead. 3.57m in 31:47 – 8:54 average pace.

Tuesday: Supposed to be a brutal tempo and a strength in the evening. Did my first Nike Training Club workout for 30 minutes in the parking lot. Had a long day at the office so came back to the hotel room and crashed.


Wednesday: Supposed to do easy run and strength. Instead just did an easy run.  4.43m in 41:43  – 9:25 average pace

Thursday: REST. Success!!

Friday: Supposed to do yoga, but instead tackled the tempo run I had skipped out on early in the week. 2/3 success, 1/3 fail on that front.


Saturday: Yoga Handstand workshop: full post to come! I actually booked myself a Revolve class but the subway refused to cooperate so instead I ended up with a wander around the farmer’s market.

Sunday: 14 hilly miles in 2:14 – 9:40 average. I wanted to set myself up for mental success in this run, so decided to take a water break every 15 minutes, so I could mentally break it down. I knew that hilly miles were going to be brutal (4 times on the Harlem Hills yo). From a mental perspective, this worked super well. Maybe it doesn’t encourage mental toughness long-term, giving myself those breaks, but it gives me the confidence to be tougher tomorrow. And not quitting while listening to the Freakonomics podcast on quitting surely deserves some credit. The run did completely take it out of me though, and I totally sat on the couch all afternoon watching House of Cards rather than going to yoga.

Strength: 1x

Yoga: 1x

Miles: 27.75

Week 7/30 – to 8/4

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Speed workout

Wednesday: Easy miles plus strength

Thursday: Spin

Friday: Yoga plus easy miles

Saturday: Long run plus yoga

Sunday: Strength plus yoga

I’ve been travelling for work this week, so I have been lucky (!) enough to trade out the humidity of New York for the humidity of Phoenix. All those people who promised me a dry heat were sorely mistaken. Apparently it is monsoon season, which meant 85% humidity and rain! I am probably one of the only consultants who loathes business travel, so thankfully this will only be for a couple of weeks.

Last week I had high hopes of getting access to a hotel gym and getting caught up on House of Cards while pounding miles out on the treadmill, and finally doing some of the exercises on the Nike Training Club app. Well, my hopes were dashed on Sunday night when I found my hotel gym.


Two treadmills and some machine does not make a fitness room or gym. Gutted. There weren’t even any free weights This meant I had to do some reworking of my workout plans for the week. Thankfully, I had jetlag in my favor, and I became an early morning runner, and I ran on Monday and Wednesday mornings. It was hot out (well, obviously), so I wussed out of my planned tempo run, and just focused on getting some easy miles in.

This sort of led me to wonder about the value of junky miles. I mean, are they making me any fitter? For some reason this week, I was seriously doubting what good they are doing me. Every time I run right now my legs feel dead, my body feels winded, and my heart seems to be thumping out of my chest. I just do not feel strong. I feel like a sweating elephant.


Aside from the prison feeling, this run was pretty! Plus, cactus!

After all my excitement over strength work last week, I was pretty committed to doing something to actually strengthen my wasted endurance muscles. I have had the Nike Training Club app on my phone for months after Page mentioned it. The Nike Training Club app has tons of workouts on it ranging from 15 to 45 minutes in length, and focusing on either cardio, toning, strengthening, and focus areas. As I didn’t have any equipment, I was a little limited in which workouts I could do. And actually, even though a workout says no equipment is required, there were at least two moves which were demonstrated with equipment, so that was a teeny bit annoying. However, the sheer number and variety of workouts is amazing. The video demonstrations, countdowns, and music synchronization all work really well, and I had an awesome if sweaty time lunging all over the hotel parking lot. Yes, I weirdly decided to workout outside in the Arizona sun. Oh, and that beginner workout left me with sore legs for two days. Pretty awesome. I’ll keep using the app and provide updates on whether I actually get stronger and more toned using it.

I also had the sort of run that takes the complete wind out of your sails. Tempo runs have always been my nemesis, so seeing 3x2m at HMP made me want to cry. For a start, 6 miles is a long time to run at tempo, even if you do get recovery minutes in between. My target half marathon pace is 8:00 min/mile. I made it through two repeats on Friday evening at that pace (although I came to a halt TWICE during the 2 miles!!), and then when it came to starting up on my third repeats, I JUST. COULDN’T. DO. IT. I would start running and then come to a halt again in 30 seconds. Nothing was wrong with me, aside from being hot, grumpy, and out of breath. Total run failure. One of those runs that has you doubting any ability to keep going, or hit goals, or whether you should just give up on it all and eat donuts on the couch. All in all, this was a week of doubting my run ability, and I need something to perk me up fast.

I absolutely adore cooking. However, like most of us, I pretty much never make time for it. Furthermore, because I actually do really enjoy it, but I also do not do it often enough, it actually stresses me out quite a bit. Not the actual cooking itself part; by the time I’m in the kitchen chopping things while drinking wine and bopping (do people still bop?) around to Katy Perry, I’m having a great time. No, it’s the deciding what to eat, the planning, and then the procuring of food which stresses me out. Be honest, how many times have you had to throw out vegetables that were never used and then grew some penicillin mold? And that’s sad.

This weekend I was walking back from the yoga class that never was, debating what to have for dinner. I knew I wanted pasta, and it had to be light, quick, and vegetarian. Light because it was 100 plus outside ,quick because we were already late, and vegetarian because of Ori’s stance on happy meat. While flicking through some old Bon Appetit’s this month, I cam across this recipe for a cherry tomato vinaigrette. The title and serving suggestions seemed a little bland, but when I clicked through to Epicurious and saw the multiple five star reviews, I knew it was a winner. Plus, it was going to cost less than $10 for the two of us. Sometimes, you don’t have $12 for an heirloom tomato. It took less than 20 minutes between starting to chop to the tomatoes and serving up, and even better, I was able to whip up a batch of boozy Chia Limeade at the same time. Multitasking at its best. For the record, I do not think that you are supposed to mix the Limeade with vodka, but it definitely works. I haven’t tried it with rum or bourbon yet, but both I think would also be super delicious. And you know, complementary to all that chia goodness.

Recipe and photo from Bon Appetit


  • 1 pint cherry tomatoes
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil, divided
  • 1 shallot, finely chopped
  • 1 tablespoon (or more) red wine vinegar
  • Kosher salt, freshly ground pepper
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh chives
  • Cut half of cherry tomatoes in half. Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Add shallot and cook, stirring often, until softened, about 4 minutes.

  • Add halved and whole tomatoes and cook, stirring occasionally, until beginning to release juices, 4–6 minutes. Mash some of tomatoes with a spoon.

  • Add 1 tablespoon vinegar and remaining 2 tablespoons oil; season with salt and pepper. Serve warm or room temperature; add chives just before serving.

  • DO AHEAD: Vinaigrette can be made (without chives) 2 days ahead. Cover and chill. Bring to room temperature and stir in chives.

  • I added the feta and kalamata olives and then tossed it all over some orecchiette.


Read More

Look, my version looks almost as good! pastadinner

Last week I promised great things for this training week. I had counted on a quiet week at work, and I was going to get back on the steady training wagon after a couple of weeks of vacation. Naturally, the best laid plans oft go astray, and last week was no exception.

Here’s how last week’s training went down:

Week 7/15 – 7/21


Supposed to be yoga. Ended up with, um, rest. Had a long meeting with a new client that killed yoga plans.


Supposed to be a bad-ass tempo run, but I slept through my alarm and then my workday took an alarming turn into Jersey City, so I got home late and didn’t feel like running.



Completed an insanely killer workout that managed to be a combination of both tempo and speed. 15m warm up, 4m @ MGP, 2 mins recovery, 800m @ 10k pace, cooldown. Total mileage: 6.6m in 59:23, or overall average of 9:00 min/mile. Tempo mile were an 8:09 average, and 10k was 7:26 average. Hot hot hot.


Suppose to run easy or spin. Ended up doing a very easy 30 minute run with Steph along the West Side Highway. Steph is experimenting with heart rate training, so we were sticking to “zone 2” for this run, resulting in 11 plus min/miles. It felt awesome.


Long run time! I had 105-115 minutes on my plan, but on the hottest day of the year, and with a heat index of over a hundred, this run was always going to be a struggle. I was getting the miles in before work, and started at 6.30am. By 8.30am, I had done 95 minutes of running multiple water / walking / breathing breaks. I quit about 2 miles from home and ran to a Starbucks where I proceeded to traumatize Midtown office workers with my streams of sweat. The subway ride home was an exercise in becoming that person that people complain about on Buzzfeed. I apologize to everyone for that.


Supposed to do yoga. Even got to the yoga studio. However, the thought of hot yoga on an even hotter day depressed me, and I walked home via Pinkberry instead.


40 minutes of glorious, cooler temperature and some sneaky sub 9 miles (hello? where have you been? Oh wait, dying in the cesspool sauna that was the North East this past week). I even saw some horses on the Bridle Path. Finished this run at Birdbath because every run should end with a pretzel croissant. Sometimes I think I should call this blog “running off the carbs”.

A big factor in my plans this week was the fact that I’m going to travelling for work for the next three weeks. Unlike most consultants, I do not do a lot of business travel, so this is a bit of a an upheaval in my plans. However, I’m embracing the fact I’ll have access to a gym at my hotel. I’m going to be in Phoenix, which, you know, is an ideal place to visit in July. Apparently it is possible to run outside. I’m guessing between the hours of midnight and 4am. Having had one very unsuccessful gym visit in the last three years, I’ve done some preparation by downloading the Nike Training App and tweaking my running plan to make sure that there aren’t any crazy speed sessions planned. I seriously question my ability to run 400m repeats at 5k pace on a treadmill without flying off the end or committing some other serious gym faux pas.

Plan for Next Week

Monday: Strength

Tuesday: Tempo Run / Strength

Wednesday Easy Run / Strength

Thursday: REST

Friday: Yoga

Saturday: Easy Run / Yoga

Sunday: Long Run / Yoga

How was your training this week? Have you big plans for next week?

Two tough runs in 48 hours: a hella hard workout (tempo plus speed!!) and a long run that ended up with me dripping sweat in a Starbucks around a bunch of commuters. I was the most popular person in the store.

Tempo runs are my absolute nemesis. I believe that this is not uncommon; Sarah wrote similar thoughts this morning, although she has an actual ability to complete a run in tact, whereas more often than not I actually have to stop mid-tempo, sucking air while counting the minutes until the workout will be done. Wednesday night was no exception.

The workout was to run 4 miles at MGP, and then an 800 at 10k. Even on paper that looks very scary. Add in 91F, an inability to judge pace and effort, and an allergic reaction to wearing a Garmin, and this workout is pretty much a recipe for disaster. I enjoy a happy warm-up, and then start my tempo run. Four miles is a really long way to tempo pace, by the way. And yeah, it might be at MGP, which we should be able to run for 26.2 miles, but of course, I have no idea what that actually means, so just turn my legs over until I am sucking wind, cursing running, and NOT sweating like a pig.

The NOT sweating part freaked me out a little, so at my halfway point, I take a break for water. Of course, this is the trigger my all-too-Irish body cooling system needs, and sweat literally pops out of me all over. I take another break after a mile, and curse the last mile while holding onto my too-fast pace. 4 miles completed at an 8:09 pace. No, that is not my marathon pace, thank you very much.

Weirdly, the 800 at 10k pace goes way better than expected. There is definitely an “I can do anything for 3:30 mins” mentality, particularly when I only have to do it once. I put everything into it, and end up with a 7:26 pace. Weirdly, my heart rate doesn’t even spike too much during the workout. When I’m done, even though I had two breaks in my tempo, I feel weirdly victorious. Yeah, I wish I hadn’t stopped, and yes, I should have backed away from the pace instead of coming to a dead stop, but I kept running, I didn’t bail, and I gave it a decent shot. This is the sort of workout I want to come back to and see where I am in a month or two, and whether I’m making progress.Week 3 of training, and I don’t hate it.

Onto Five Things Friday!

I might have mentioned I’ve been on vacation. Cape Cod means plenty of beach time. Here are my favorite beach necessities!



1. LL Bean Beach Tote ($28 – $46)

These totes are pretty much mandatory for the beach. They last forever, are washable, can fit a ton in, and you can get them monogrammed. Yes, I am super preppy. I ordered a new one this year, and even with monogramming, it arrived the next day.

2. Supergoop SPF30

Good value, cool packaging, and will last all summer. Love it.

3. Ray-Ban Clubmasters

I am still a dedicated Wayfarer girl, but this summer I wanted a little bit of a change and got these. Absolutely love them. They just look really cool, and come in a bunch of different color / shade combinations. Oh, and you can get them on sale from Amazon.

4 Brooklyn Eagles Ebbets Field Cap

My scalp gets burned really easily, so I usually wear a hat while on the beach. While I love a panama hat, they tend to blow away, so I got this vintage-style baseball cap instead. It’s navy, so therefore I love it.

5. The Interestings

I read this on the beach a few weeks ago. It follows the lives of some kids who were friends in camp and as they grow up – lots of angst about love, friendship, fulfilling your potential, success and lack thereof. Very readable, semi-relatable, and something to love and hate about most of the characters. Super enjoyable beach reading.

What are your plans for the weekend? Anyone run long like me this morning to get it out of the way?