Two tough runs in 48 hours: a hella hard workout (tempo plus speed!!) and a long run that ended up with me dripping sweat in a Starbucks around a bunch of commuters. I was the most popular person in the store.

Tempo runs are my absolute nemesis. I believe that this is not uncommon; Sarah wrote similar thoughts this morning, although she has an actual ability to complete a run in tact, whereas more often than not I actually have to stop mid-tempo, sucking air while counting the minutes until the workout will be done. Wednesday night was no exception.

The workout was to run 4 miles at MGP, and then an 800 at 10k. Even on paper that looks very scary. Add in 91F, an inability to judge pace and effort, and an allergic reaction to wearing a Garmin, and this workout is pretty much a recipe for disaster. I enjoy a happy warm-up, and then start my tempo run. Four miles is a really long way to tempo pace, by the way. And yeah, it might be at MGP, which we should be able to run for 26.2 miles, but of course, I have no idea what that actually means, so just turn my legs over until I am sucking wind, cursing running, and NOT sweating like a pig.

The NOT sweating part freaked me out a little, so at my halfway point, I take a break for water. Of course, this is the trigger my all-too-Irish body cooling system needs, and sweat literally pops out of me all over. I take another break after a mile, and curse the last mile while holding onto my too-fast pace. 4 miles completed at an 8:09 pace. No, that is not my marathon pace, thank you very much.

Weirdly, the 800 at 10k pace goes way better than expected. There is definitely an “I can do anything for 3:30 mins” mentality, particularly when I only have to do it once. I put everything into it, and end up with a 7:26 pace. Weirdly, my heart rate doesn’t even spike too much during the workout. When I’m done, even though I had two breaks in my tempo, I feel weirdly victorious. Yeah, I wish I hadn’t stopped, and yes, I should have backed away from the pace instead of coming to a dead stop, but I kept running, I didn’t bail, and I gave it a decent shot. This is the sort of workout I want to come back to and see where I am in a month or two, and whether I’m making progress.Week 3 of training, and I don’t hate it.

Onto Five Things Friday!

I might have mentioned I’ve been on vacation. Cape Cod means plenty of beach time. Here are my favorite beach necessities!



1. LL Bean Beach Tote ($28 – $46)

These totes are pretty much mandatory for the beach. They last forever, are washable, can fit a ton in, and you can get them monogrammed. Yes, I am super preppy. I ordered a new one this year, and even with monogramming, it arrived the next day.

2. Supergoop SPF30

Good value, cool packaging, and will last all summer. Love it.

3. Ray-Ban Clubmasters

I am still a dedicated Wayfarer girl, but this summer I wanted a little bit of a change and got these. Absolutely love them. They just look really cool, and come in a bunch of different color / shade combinations. Oh, and you can get them on sale from Amazon.

4 Brooklyn Eagles Ebbets Field Cap

My scalp gets burned really easily, so I usually wear a hat while on the beach. While I love a panama hat, they tend to blow away, so I got this vintage-style baseball cap instead. It’s navy, so therefore I love it.

5. The Interestings

I read this on the beach a few weeks ago. It follows the lives of some kids who were friends in camp and as they grow up – lots of angst about love, friendship, fulfilling your potential, success and lack thereof. Very readable, semi-relatable, and something to love and hate about most of the characters. Super enjoyable beach reading.

What are your plans for the weekend? Anyone run long like me this morning to get it out of the way?

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      I have no idea why we sweat when we stop working out. Today I was literally dripping all over a starbucks. I apologize to all you pre-work people who just wanted a peaceful coffee


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