Last week felt rough for training. I didn’t have a single “good” run. I cannot decide whether analyzing my bad runs helps, or whether I should just move on. Sometimes, it just does not feel good, right?

I am sure part of it was travelling last week, but my body never felt strong and each of the workouts felt like a slog. I also didn’t get to do all those “bust my ass make my body strong” workouts I thought I was going to get to. I feel like all of last week as a bit of a bust, and I’m crying out for a do-over.

Week 7/22 to 7/29

Monday: Supposed to do strength workout. Nooooo. Ran instead. 3.57m in 31:47 – 8:54 average pace.

Tuesday: Supposed to be a brutal tempo and a strength in the evening. Did my first Nike Training Club workout for 30 minutes in the parking lot. Had a long day at the office so came back to the hotel room and crashed.


Wednesday: Supposed to do easy run and strength. Instead just did an easy run.  4.43m in 41:43  – 9:25 average pace

Thursday: REST. Success!!

Friday: Supposed to do yoga, but instead tackled the tempo run I had skipped out on early in the week. 2/3 success, 1/3 fail on that front.


Saturday: Yoga Handstand workshop: full post to come! I actually booked myself a Revolve class but the subway refused to cooperate so instead I ended up with a wander around the farmer’s market.

Sunday: 14 hilly miles in 2:14 – 9:40 average. I wanted to set myself up for mental success in this run, so decided to take a water break every 15 minutes, so I could mentally break it down. I knew that hilly miles were going to be brutal (4 times on the Harlem Hills yo). From a mental perspective, this worked super well. Maybe it doesn’t encourage mental toughness long-term, giving myself those breaks, but it gives me the confidence to be tougher tomorrow. And not quitting while listening to the Freakonomics podcast on quitting surely deserves some credit. The run did completely take it out of me though, and I totally sat on the couch all afternoon watching House of Cards rather than going to yoga.

Strength: 1x

Yoga: 1x

Miles: 27.75

Week 7/30 – to 8/4

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Speed workout

Wednesday: Easy miles plus strength

Thursday: Spin

Friday: Yoga plus easy miles

Saturday: Long run plus yoga

Sunday: Strength plus yoga

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  1. Jen

    I’ve realized part of the problem with fitting yoga in (for me, at least) — most places are not reservation-based! So while you hate to not show up to a Refine class and lose $30, there’s nothing similar for yoga.
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